It often takes a lot of time to calculate, bid and find and order the right products. At Legrand, we know that this is a huge gain for you. Thanks to our calculation tools, you have all the systems and components clearly side by side. Menus allow you to easily select exact components or accessories per system. So you not only save valuable time, but also limit the risk of ordering bad items or making erroneous offers.

Video door phone calculator

Use our videoparlophonie calculator and get an indicative quote with the technical specifications, the parts list and a visualization of the installation in a few clicks.

Cablofil calculator

Intented for contractors as to the architects and distributors, Cablofil web app configurator, the tool which helps you to have an exhaustive estimate for your project has been updated . Cablofil Configurator enables to generate a list of products to order according to your needs. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile.